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Embracing Inclusive Design: Meeting the Needs of All Students

At CMBA Architects, we believe that it is essential to design schools that promote inclusivity and equity. As an architecture firm that specializes in designing spaces for education, we understand the importance of creating environments that are welcoming, accessible, and safe for all students. In... [Read More]

Designing Classrooms That Support the Future of VR and AR

In today's fast-paced world, education must prepare students for a tech-driven future. As educators work to develop curricula that reflect this new reality, architects must also prepare designs that accommodate the latest technological advancements. One such advancement is virtual and augmented... [Read More]

Rethinking the Faculty Workplace

In the wake of the pandemic, higher education institutions faced a unique challenge: how to maintain their academic mission while keeping their faculty and staff safe. One solution was to pivot to remote work, with faculty working from their homes. While this approach had benefits, it also revealed... [Read More]

Design Trends that Could Impact Your Campus

Higher education is constantly evolving, and the design of learning spaces is no exception. With changing student needs and advances in technology, it's more important than ever to create adaptable and future-proofed spaces that can support new modes of learning and teaching. As we head further... [Read More]

Have You Considered Adaptive Reuse?

Adaptive reuse is an innovative and sustainable approach to architecture and design that involves repurposing existing structures to serve a new purpose. While this approach can be used for any type of building, in this post, we will focus specifically on adaptive reuse as it relates to healthcare... [Read More]

Innovation in Healthcare Design: What to Expect in 2023

The world of healthcare design continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of patients and staff alike. With a heightened awareness of health and safety in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, architects and designers are seeking long-term solutions to make healthcare spaces feel cleaner,... [Read More]

2022 Year in Review

  [Read More]

Building a Culture with Office Design

As more and more companies recognize the impact of the workplace on mental and physical health, they're turning to office design to enhance their culture, attract top talent, and retain employees. At CMBA Architects, we specialize in the type of designs that foster positive workplace cultures. In... [Read More]

Supporting Mental Health with Architecture and Design

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has become an increasingly important topic in the workplace. As employers look toward the future of their organizations, it's crucial to focus on supporting the mental and emotional needs of employees. At CMBA Architects, we understand the... [Read More]

Improving the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare

We believe that the architecture of a successful behavioral healthcare space can be non-institutional and feel more residential and less clinical, shattering all negative stigmas surrounding mental health for good. [Read More]