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A Time to be Thankful

Space Planning for Pandemic Resilience

The Holistic Role of K12 Schools

Interior Design for Student Growth

Designing an Optimal Healthcare Environment

Treating Every Space as a Learning Space

Prioritizing Privacy in Higher Education Design

Taking a Custom Approach to the New Workplace

Trends Guiding the Future of Architecture

Annual All-Staff Meeting

Driving Higher Education Student Success with Collaboration

Can Hospitality-Inspired Design Drive Students Back to Campus?

Placing Patients at the Center of Healthcare Architecture

Human-Centered Architecture Leads to Better Schools

Designing Simulation Labs for Better Patient Care

Can Hospitality-Inspired Design Drive Employees Back to the Office?

Prioritizing Mental Health in K12 Design

Sizing Your Project for the Future

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Stewart Memorial Hospital

Graettinger-Terril High School

Placing People at the Center of Architecture

Lumber Prices are Dropping! Here's What You Need to Know...

Putting Students First in K12 Design

Lumber Prices are Falling! Time to Start a New K12 Project?

Prioritizing Mental Health in Higher Ed Design

Have you Noticed Steep Lumber Prices Affecting your Campus Planning?

Lumber Prices are Falling! Time to Start a New Healthcare Project?

Can Architecture Reduce Aggression in Volatile Patients?

Meet the 2021 Interns

Is Biophilic Design a Good Business Decision?

The Benefits of a Hybrid Workspace

Importance of Adaptable Healthcare Spaces for Emerging Technology

Planning for the Unexpected with Your Healthcare Project Budget

Attracting Students with Campus Design

Interior Design that Creates an Attractive Campus

K12 School Design Sets Students up For Success

Questions to Consider Asking an Architecture Firm

Meet Brent Koch

Designing for Student Comfort in Higher Education

Designing for Student Comfort in K12 Schools

Extending the K12 Classroom

Reimagining the Hospital Command Center

Extending the College Classroom

Future-Proofing Healthcare Facilities

The Workplace as a Social Environment

Designing Modern Communities of Work

Giving Back in 2020

2020 Year in Review

Designing an Immersive College Learning Environment

How CMBA is Creating Meaningful Spaces

Clinician-Centric Design

Building Choice into the Classroom

Wow! Our Team Rocks!

Understanding the Student Experience

Inclusive Schools for Those with Disabilities

Designing for Student Union: The Key to Retention?

Behavioral Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19

Designing for Mental Health in the Emergency Room

Acoustic Considerations for K12 Schools

Glass as a Design Tool for Creating more People-Oriented Environments

What can Workspaces Learn from Customer-Centric Design?

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Orange City Fire Station

Central Sterilization Services

Starr Elementary School

Visual Communication: A Critical Part of Campus Back-to-School Plans

Impact of the Shift to Virtual Learning on the Future of Higher Ed Design

Re-Imagining Healthcare Design After COVID-19

Visual Communication: A Critical Element of Your Back-to-School Plan

Impact of Shift to Virtual Learning on Future of K12 Design

On-Site Staff Childcare: The Right Move for Your Hospital?

Will More Office Designs Start Including Permanent Outdoor Workspaces?

How Remote Work Will Change Office Design

Meet the 2020 Interns

What Can Healthcare Organizations Learn From COVID-19?

Designing for Safe, Clean, and Flexible Schools | CMBA Architects

Keeping Your Facility Project on Budget

Creating a Safe and Effective Office Re-Entry Plan

What Does it Take to Keep Your Project on Budget?

Designing for Safe, Clean, and Flexible College Campuses

Keeping Your K12 Project on Budget

Keeping Your Healthcare Project on Budget

Is Interior Design Impacting Your Psychology?

Designing Sustainable, Healthy, and Profitable Office Buildings

What Does a "Flexible" Healthcare Facility Mean?

Designing an Attractive "Campus Life"

Architecture's Pivotal Role in the Future of K12

What Psychological Impacts Does K12 Design Have on Students?

What Psychological Impacts Does Healthcare Design Have on Patients and Staff?

Psychological Impacts of Campus Design on College Students

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Sunnybrook Medical Plaza

Northwest Iowa Community College

Sioux Center High School

Designs to Improve User Experience, Health, & Productivity in Healthcare

Meet Adam Van Gorp

Prioritizing Staff Satisfaction in Healthcare Architecture

3 Hallmarks for the Campus of the Future

Building Classrooms that Fit the Students

Designs that Improve User Experience, Health, & Productivity on Campus

Designs that Improve the User Experience, Health, & Productivity in K12

Quick Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces

Designing for Improved User Experience, Health and Productivity

2019 Year in Review

Reducing Student Stress through Better K12 Design

Reducing Student Stress through Better Campus Design

Incorporating Wayfinding Concepts into Your Healthcare Facility

Incorporating Outdoor Space in the Work Environment

Giving Back – Our Year in Review

6th Annual United Center for United Way

Evolution of Farming & K12 Learning Environments

3 Mistakes to Avoid in School Design

Designing Colleges for Resiliency

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Campus Design

Why Should Medical Facilities Care About Organic Architecture?

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Healthcare Design

What Can Conventional Workplaces Learn From Co-Working Spaces?

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Office Design

CMBA Receives Industry Honors!

Does Architecture Affect Your Quality of Life?

Designing Social Architecture