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Designs to Boost User Experience, Health, & Productivity in Healthcare

a hospital bed in a patient room

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Meet Adam Van Gorp

Growing up in Northwest Iowa, Adam was surrounded by family in education–his grandfather and father were both on the school board in Sheldon, which influenced him from an early age. In fact, his father was the school board president when he graduated–and the one who signed Adam’s high school... [Read More]

Prioritizing Staff Satisfaction in Healthcare Architecture

Healthcare faces an epidemic of stressed and burned-out staff–something we've discussed before on our blog. But today we'll take a look at this problem in light of recent changes in corporate America. Their shift to customizable workplaces which popularized sit-to-stand desks, focus rooms, and... [Read More]

3 Hallmarks for the Campus of the Future

students sitting on a bench

Universities are taking on many innovative strategies in campus planning. All in the name of embracing technology in a physically connected social environment. Students and faculty are demanding more digital resources in and out of their classrooms. While retaining spaces that foster strong... [Read More]

Building Classrooms that Fit the Students

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Designs that Improve User Experience, Health, & Productivity on Campus

What does it mean to design architecture for health and student, faculty, and staff productivity on campus? Not too long ago, concepts like these were considered pseudoscience. Now we know better; indoor aesthetics have a significant impact on health and performance. So, what does a college design... [Read More]

Designs to Boost User Experience, Health, & Productivity in K12

elementary students and a teacher sitting in a classroom

You know that K12 schools exist to help students learn. And everything we can do to set students up for success helps. So what does it mean to design architecture for improved health and student productivity in a K12 facility? [Read More]

Quick Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces

wooden decorative letter blocks reading 'wellness'

Wellness spaces aren't new. But they have become a growing trend in recent workplace design. Beyond a fitness area or gym, these trendier spaces usually offer unexpected features that elevate them from the federally mandated minimum. Showing dedication to human-centric design. But trendy wellness... [Read More]

Designing for Improved User Experience, Health and Productivity

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