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Meet Brent Koch

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Brent wasn't immediately drawn to architecture specifically. But he loved art and everything related to it! He would spend many of his days drawing, working on art projects, and playing outside. He took a more serious interest in architecture in 8th grade when his... [Read More]

Designing for Student Comfort in Higher Education

It doesn't matter how great your educational material is – odds are, there's at least one student struggling to stay focused. While reasons vary, a common and highly fixable reason is that they simply aren't comfortable! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that students learn best... [Read More]

Designing for Student Comfort in K12 Schools

young children playing in a classroom

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Extending the K12 Classroom

elementary school classroom

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Reimagining the Hospital Command Center

The world of technology is constantly growing and evolving, and this couldn't be any truer than in the healthcare industry. There are a seemingly infinite number of fascinating technologies on the market promising to radically change the way you deliver care. Some of these technologies are so... [Read More]

Extending the College Classroom

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Future-Proofing Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have always needed to be strategically positioned for rapid change – more so than any other type of building. These changes can range from short-term functional tweaks, all the way up to the large-scale repurposing of entire wings. Because of this, it is critical that every... [Read More]

The Workplace as a Social Environment

Workplaces aren't just an aggregate of furniture, tools, and spaces. They are environments where, traditionally, people come together to work day after day. An office is just as much a social environment as it is a place to work. Viewed in this light, it could be said that every element within a... [Read More]

Designing Modern Communities of Work

four women sitting in a lounge area talking

Some circumstances are so immediately transformative that they can change even the most well established social norms and long-held beliefs. We think COVID-19 is, self-evidently, one such event. While these sort of events are rare in occurrence, often bringing many negative consequences, they also... [Read More]