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Meet the 2021 Interns

  Tanner Koeppe University of Nebraska-Lincoln Sioux City office [Read More]

Is Biophilic Design a Good Business Decision?

3D rendering of a building with plants inside

  People are changing the way they think about their spaces, both at home and at work. These changes are so profound that it could almost be thought of as a silent revolution. This "revolution" centers around the concept that indoor spaces should mimic outdoors spaces to improve people’s lives–an... [Read More]

The Benefits of a Hybrid Workspace

All across the globe, companies are changing the way they think about how work gets done. COVID-19 has uprooted long-established routines and habits instantly placing us in the middle of a global experiment of sorts. The results weren't what many expected. Lots of employees have spoken out about... [Read More]

Importance of Adaptable Healthcare Spaces for Emerging Technology

a nurse showing two older individuals information on a laptop

While healthcare organizations have always faced the challenge of adapting their facilities to evolving services, needs, technology, and healthcare delivery models, the tempo of that change is accelerating. [Read More]

Planning for the Unexpected with Your Healthcare Project Budget

Opening a new unit or remodeling a space in your facility is exciting! Not only is your staff excited about working in the new space – and often utilizing new equipment – but it's so much fun to see the impact it makes to both hospital staff and the community at large. The support of your... [Read More]

Attracting Students with Campus Design

Increasing enrollment numbers is a high priority for most institutions. Colleges and universities are racing to stay unique and relevant in a highly competitive marketplace in order to attract new students and to retain current ones. As if this weren’t enough, institutions are faced with rising... [Read More]

Interior Design that Creates an Attractive Campus

First year college students have tons of colleges and universities to decide between. How do they choose which college is right for them? Many students look not just at academics, but also at the overall design of the campus facilities. The interior can say a lot about the college’s values and... [Read More]

K12 School Design Sets Students up For Success

K12 design has remained anything but static over time. In fact, K12 design trends have been quietly shifting our perception of the education system as a whole. Instead of a cookie-cutter, government-budgeted approach, many districts are investing in more flexible learning spaces. It is becoming... [Read More]

Questions to Consider Asking an Architecture Firm

front entrance of a recently remodeled secondary school

When planning your K12 project, selecting an architect is an important decision. Most people interview two or three architects before making a choice. We are all familiar with the basic questions to ask, such as references and portfolio examples, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! In... [Read More]