CMBA Newsletter

A Time to be Thankful

We are so thankful for all of our staff and clients that have allowed us to be a part of over 300 projects this past year. [Read More]

Space Planning for Pandemic Resilience

In early 2020, as the world shifted to managing the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare providers scrambled to understand how their facilities could safely absorb the surge of infected patients and prevent further illness among other patients and staff. Now that it has been more than a year and a half of... [Read More]

The Holistic Role of K12 Schools

Students spend thousands upon thousands of hours in school before graduation. Because of this, schools are uniquely positioned to identify and mitigate daily physical and mental health issues, as well as offer meaningful support during manmade or natural disasters. [Read More]

Interior Design for Student Growth

Interior design can have an incredible impact on your state of mind. Considering this fact, we want to discuss what higher education design can learn from what office design has already been doing to increase satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. The distinction between institutional... [Read More]

Designing an Optimal Healthcare Environment

Healthcare environments are some of the most sophisticated and incredibly important spaces we design. How do we take on the challenge of something as complex as the modern hospital? We believe that the ideal hospital design will account for many different purposes for different users – patients,... [Read More]

Treating Every Space as a Learning Space

Education is constantly evolving, but over the past few years, change seems to have been put into hyperdrive! [Read More]

Prioritizing Privacy in Higher Education Design

Higher education campuses are diverse places, offering a wide variety of services within a small area. Different services need different levels of privacy, and awareness of the nuances involved in these decisions is a big part of the architect’s responsibility. By gathering information from... [Read More]

Taking a Custom Approach to the New Workplace

CMBA advocates for innovation and creativity in our industry. While this can exist in many forms, we really love working with furniture manufacturers that are pushing the envelope to provide different and unique products. Taking a custom approach to furniture is a fantastic way to make a project... [Read More]

Trends Guiding the Future of Architecture

In an age of rapidly shifting cultural trends and technological evolution, architects are called upon to create better, more robust design solutions. From architectural design to construction best practices, the following trends are changing architecture for the better! [Read More]