CMBA Newsletter

CMBA Named a Best Place for Working Parents

We are proud to be listed as one of The Best Place for Working Parents businesses that are leading the way in family-friendly policies! [Read More]

Prioritizing Employee Experience with Design

You can’t truly replicate an office environment online. While technology advances, physical spaces continue to play a very important role in the facilitation of happy and productive teams of people. Organizations that recognize this are seeing the importance of creating more comfortable working... [Read More]

Repositioning the Office for a Post-COVID World

If the COVID-19 pandemic had a bright side, it was the redefinition of work-life balance. It allowed employees to immediately rethink the values that are most important to them. Today, we are being given more breaks when we need them, more time with our families, and the ability to go for a walk... [Read More]

How New Technology is Directing Hospital Design

Healthcare design has changed significantly over the past few decades. Years ago, the focus was simply on the functional requirements of a healthcare facility, but this isn’t the case any longer. Today, healthcare facilities are required to meet new demands and must be capable of adapting to... [Read More]

Streamlining the Healthcare Experience with the Help of Design

Lengthy lines of people, drab corridors, and mountains of paperwork. We are used to seeing these things when looking to healthcare institutions. However, they display the story of a 20th-century workflow – while 21st-century technology and design are radically streamlining the system from the top... [Read More]

Integrating Outdoor Environments in K12 Design

Spaces for outdoor learning are starting to become commonplace in K12 school design. Looking beyond playtime and growing recognition of the significant benefits associated with time spent outdoors is driving the integration and use of outdoor classrooms, gardens, and more! [Read More]

K12 Trends That Matter in 2022

Education leaders have been required to rapidly change their educational strategies. Even when many schools had to physically close their doors, education continued virtually with very little interruption. Challenges have arisen, but these experiences have illuminated a powerful truth for leaders... [Read More]

Designing a “Timeless” Higher Education Facility in the 21st Century

If you’re creating a project for your college campus, you should be aware of its importance. Thousands of students are attracted by the design itself. Sure, they will check the school’s authority and its educational programs, but the architecture and interior design will make a huge impact on their... [Read More]

Integrating Outdoor Environments in Higher Education Design

Outdoor learning spaces are gaining lots of traction in higher education design. Growing recognition of the sizable benefits linked with time spent outdoors is driving this integration and use of outdoor classrooms, labs, art spaces, and more. Outdoor experiences promote everyone’s health and... [Read More]