Author: CMBA Architects

Preparing for a Flexible Future

We understand the pivotal role that space plays in the entire experience of working in an office. Nobody wants to spend their days in an office that feels dull or functions poorly. The way that modern work gets done is changing, and we are working hard to create highly functional and flexible... [Read More]

Learning Should be Fun – Learning Zones Can Help

The classroom is a place to learn, grow, and inspire. Students and educators can both benefit from a “fun” learning environment – one that is full of interactive and highly engaging activities. Schools are tasked with providing the very best education to their students and making their time in... [Read More]

The Future of Learning: Emerging Design Trends in K-12

K-12 schools are always on the lookout for newer and better ways to keep students’ attention throughout the day. As attention spans continue to shorten, we’re seeing certain behavioral patterns in children begin to mirror patterns observable in adults. [Read More]

How Does Classroom Design Affect the Learning Experience?

Traditional teaching methods are evolving. Project-based learning, flipped classrooms and a prevalence of technology are the norm. Higher education design affects student learning, so it’s important to design a space that matches twenty-first-century learning styles. This is the logic driving user... [Read More]

Emerging Trends in Healthcare Design

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the CMBA healthcare team sees several emerging trends poised to have wide-ranging impacts on facility design and construction. Following are six of those trends and strategies that have become more commonplace in 2022. [Read More]

Top Design Elements That Attract Modern Students

The competition for attracting college students is more competitive than ever before. To attract future generations, adaptive academic institutions are seeking to create environments that place students’ needs first. At CMBA, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many highly regarded... [Read More]

What Impact is Hybrid Work Having on Workplace Design

Employees aren’t using the office the way they used to. Hybrid working trends are in full swing, and employee expectations are shifting. While this shift has benefits, it also leaves many unanswered questions. Namely, what will happen with office real estate? In this post, we’ll explore the... [Read More]

The Benefits of Personalizing Your Workspace with Art

Every physical space has a unique story. The ability to capture and display that story through design can lead to unforgettable experiences that engage employees and even promote strengthened relationships. In an office, artistic experiences can stimulate better collaboration and creativity,... [Read More]

What New Technology Means for Workplace Design

Advances in technology are continually influencing the workplace. Both companies and co-working spaces are faced with new challenges regarding work and collaboration. What does it take to execute designs that reflect your brand and produce compelling, effective workspaces? With a growing desire... [Read More]

The Benefits of Personalizing Healthcare Spaces with Art

Every healthcare space has a story. The ability to capture and display that story through design can lead to unforgettable experiences that make life easier for staff and patients alike. In an office, artistic experiences can stimulate better collaboration, relaxation and healing. Modern healthcare... [Read More]