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Can Hospitality-Inspired Design Drive Employees Back to the Office?

It's been over a year of remote work and many employees aren't ready for it to end. When health concerns subside, companies that want their employees to happily return will need to intentionally design in ways that make coming back more appealing than working from home. By taking some principles... [Read More]

Placing People at the Center of Architecture

Human-centered architecture, which puts humans at the center of the design process, seeks to optimize positive interactions between humans and buildings. How far reaching are the impacts of this sort of design? [Read More]

The Benefits of a Hybrid Workspace

All across the globe, companies are changing the way they think about how work gets done. COVID-19 has uprooted long-established routines and habits instantly placing us in the middle of a global experiment of sorts. The results weren't what many expected. Lots of employees have spoken out about... [Read More]

The Workplace as a Social Environment

Workplaces aren't just an aggregate of furniture, tools, and spaces. They are environments where, traditionally, people come together to work day after day. An office is just as much a social environment as it is a place to work. Viewed in this light, it could be said that every element within a... [Read More]

2020 Year in Review

As I have thought about writing this year-end article, many things have run through my head about the year we all went through in 2020. Some of the things we saw last year, we hope to never see again – cross your fingers. [Read More]

Glass as a Design Tool for Creating more People-Oriented Environments

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How Remote Work Will Change Office Design

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What Does it Take to Keep Your Project on Budget?

When designing a building or renovation, there are tons of things to consider. Usually, the spotlight is put on aesthetics and functionality. However, this can make it easy to underestimate how much your project will cost. While arguably not as interesting as new trends or advancing technologies,... [Read More]

Is Interior Design Impacting Your Psychology?

Interior design has a powerful impact on people. But unlike art, music, and movies, the spaces you spend your time in aren't so easily chosen. A poorly thought-out architectural project will affect the lives of many people for a long time. With interiors, this effect is only amplified. And as... [Read More]

Designing for Improved User Experience, Health and Productivity

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