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Sizing Your Project for the Future

Nobody can predict the future, but project sizing tries. There is a delicate balance between too much and too little space. Get it wrong, and you'll see noticeable long-term effects on profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction. [Read More]

Lumber Prices are Dropping! Here's What You Need to Know...

The lumber bubble has finally popped – tanking over 40% in June alone! But we aren't out of the woods just yet... “It was a bubble, but it is still double where it was pre Covid,” said Peter Boockvar, CIO at Bleakley Advisory Group. Still, Boockvar believes that the lumber bubble bursting doesn't... [Read More]

Is Biophilic Design a Good Business Decision?

  People are changing the way they think about their spaces, both at home and at work. These changes are so profound that it could almost be thought of as a silent revolution. This "revolution" centers around the concept that indoor spaces should mimic outdoors spaces to improve people’s lives–an... [Read More]

Designing Modern Communities of Work

Some circumstances are so immediately transformative that they can change even the most well established social norms and long-held beliefs. We think COVID-19 is, self-evidently, one such event. While these sort of events are rare in occurrence, often bringing many negative consequences, they also... [Read More]

How CMBA is Creating Meaningful Spaces

The relationship between space and well-being has always been a key consideration at CMBA. As this concept becomes increasingly widespread, the boundaries of what’s possible are being pushed. [Read More]

What can Workspaces Learn from Customer-Centric Design?

An office isn't the only place work gets done. Any space that produces value is effectively a workplace and the nature of that environment shapes the experiences of the people who use it. There are plenty of insights to be gained from examining trends and innovations in other industries, especially... [Read More]

Will More Office Designs Start Including Permanent Outdoor Workspaces?

People have more or less accepted that natural light and connectivity to nature are legitimate ways to improve employee health and wellness. However, this has some going as far as demanding that work is moved outdoors! Due to COVID-19, the case for moving (at least some) office work outside is... [Read More]

Creating a Safe and Effective Office Re-Entry Plan

Health and safety were the prime motivators for implementing mandatory work from home policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we believe that health and safety should remain the leading priorities when planning for employees’ eventual return to the office. So, as offices begin reopening across... [Read More]

Designing Sustainable, Healthy, and Profitable Office Buildings

One of our primary responsibilities as architects is understanding people’s needs. When it comes to office design, that means the health, sustainability, and profitability of a building's design. We know there might be new best practices that emerge as we continue through this COVID-19 pandemic,... [Read More]

Quick Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces

Wellness spaces aren't new. But they have become a growing trend in recent workplace design. Beyond a fitness area or gym, these trendier spaces usually offer unexpected features that elevate them from the federally mandated minimum. Showing dedication to human-centric design. But trendy wellness... [Read More]