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Supporting Mental Health with Architecture and Design

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has become an increasingly important topic in the workplace. As employers look toward the future of their organizations, it's crucial to focus on supporting the mental and emotional needs of employees. At CMBA Architects, we understand the... [Read More]

What Impact is Hybrid Work Having on Workplace Design

Employees aren’t using the office the way they used to. Hybrid working trends are in full swing, and employee expectations are shifting. While this shift has benefits, it also leaves many unanswered questions. Namely, what will happen with office real estate? In this post, we’ll explore the... [Read More]

The Benefits of Personalizing Your Workspace with Art

Every physical space has a unique story. The ability to capture and display that story through design can lead to unforgettable experiences that engage employees and even promote strengthened relationships. In an office, artistic experiences can stimulate better collaboration and creativity,... [Read More]

What Do Declining Lumber Prices Mean for Architecture?

Extreme lumber prices had a big impact on new development. Lumber prices have been extraordinarily volatile over the past year, pushing the average price of a new single-family home up more than $18,600! Many architecture and design projects were put off due to these outrageous prices. Since the... [Read More]

Enhance Your Spaces With Architectural Psychology

“Architectural Psychology” is the study of the connection between people and the physical environment. It has become a hot topic in recent times and could even be considered a new ‘trend’ in architecture. While the term itself might be relatively new, the concept is not. Put simply, it’s about... [Read More]

Repositioning the Office for a Post-COVID World

If the COVID-19 pandemic had a bright side, it was the redefinition of work-life balance. It allowed employees to immediately rethink the values that are most important to them. Today, we are being given more breaks when we need them, more time with our families, and the ability to go for a walk... [Read More]

Giving Back in 2021

CMBA proudly supported the following organizations in 2021: [Read More]

Trends Guiding the Future of Architecture

In an age of rapidly shifting cultural trends and technological evolution, architects are called upon to create better, more robust design solutions. From architectural design to construction best practices, the following trends are changing architecture for the better! [Read More]

Sizing Your Project for the Future

Nobody can predict the future, but project sizing tries. There is a delicate balance between too much and too little space. Get it wrong, and you'll see noticeable long-term effects on profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction. [Read More]

Lumber Prices are Dropping! Here's What You Need to Know...

The lumber bubble has finally popped – tanking over 40% in June alone! But we aren't out of the woods just yet... “It was a bubble, but it is still double where it was pre Covid,” said Peter Boockvar, CIO at Bleakley Advisory Group. Still, Boockvar believes that the lumber bubble bursting doesn't... [Read More]