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The Benefits of Personalizing Healthcare Spaces with Art

Every healthcare space has a story. The ability to capture and display that story through design can lead to unforgettable experiences that make life easier for staff and patients alike. In an office, artistic experiences can stimulate better collaboration, relaxation and healing. Modern healthcare... [Read More]

What Do Declining Lumber Prices Mean for Healthcare?

The price tag for a new healthcare facility or renovation project has been unusually high over the past couple years, and lumber prices have been a major contributing factor. Lumber prices have experienced high amounts of volatility over the past year. From the beginning of the pandemic, lumber... [Read More]

Design Considerations for the Smart Patient Room

With smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and more, our everyday lives are deeply integrated with technology. Unfortunately, this technology hasn't often evolved to support the patient experience in many hospitals. The technology to connect patients and family members to their caregivers exists, but... [Read More]

How New Technology is Directing Hospital Design

Healthcare design has changed significantly over the past few decades. Years ago, the focus was simply on the functional requirements of a healthcare facility, but this isn’t the case any longer. Today, healthcare facilities are required to meet new demands and must be capable of adapting to... [Read More]

Giving Back in 2021

CMBA proudly supported the following organizations in 2021: [Read More]

Space Planning for Pandemic Resilience

In early 2020, as the world shifted to managing the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare providers scrambled to understand how their facilities could safely absorb the surge of infected patients and prevent further illness among other patients and staff. Now that it has been more than a year and a half of... [Read More]

Placing Patients at the Center of Healthcare Architecture

Human-centered architecture, which puts people at the center of the design process, seeks to optimize positive interactions between humans and buildings. How far-reaching are the impacts of this sort of design for healthcare facilities? [Read More]

Lumber Prices are Falling! Time to Start a New Healthcare Project?

The lumber bubble has finally popped – tanking over 40% in June alone! But we aren't out of the woods just yet... “It was a bubble, but it is still double where it was pre Covid,” said Peter Boockvar, CIO at Bleakley Advisory Group. Still, Boockvar believes just because the lumber bubble might have... [Read More]

Planning for the Unexpected with Your Healthcare Project Budget

Opening a new unit or remodeling a space in your facility is exciting! Not only is your staff excited about working in the new space – and often utilizing new equipment – but it's so much fun to see the impact it makes to both hospital staff and the community at large. The support of your... [Read More]

Reimagining the Hospital Command Center

The world of technology is constantly growing and evolving, and this couldn't be any truer than in the healthcare industry. There are a seemingly infinite number of fascinating technologies on the market promising to radically change the way you deliver care. Some of these technologies are so... [Read More]