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Designing Simulation Labs for Better Patient Care

Simulation labs provide healthcare professionals a safe place to train new skills and procedures. They are truly vital spaces for the healthcare industry. Practitioners are encouraged to get hands-on experience while learning from others’ mistakes, without any risk of consequences in the real world. [Read More]

Can Architecture Reduce Aggression in Volatile Patients?

The majority of patients with mental health issues aren't violent. However, there are enough instances of violence in healthcare settings to make the topic worth discussing. Whether due to unintended reactions to medication, or symptoms of their condition, aggressive behavior can be a serious... [Read More]

Importance of Adaptable Healthcare Spaces for Emerging Technology

While healthcare organizations have always faced the challenge of adapting their facilities to evolving services, needs, technology, and healthcare delivery models, the tempo of that change is accelerating. [Read More]

Future-Proofing Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have always needed to be strategically positioned for rapid change – more so than any other type of building. These changes can range from short-term functional tweaks, all the way up to the large-scale repurposing of entire wings. Because of this, it is critical that every... [Read More]

2020 Year in Review

As I have thought about writing this year-end article, many things have run through my head about the year we all went through in 2020. Some of the things we saw last year, we hope to never see again – cross your fingers. [Read More]

Designing for Mental Health in the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are hectic. As a point of first access for patients, they’re responsible for handling an unbelievably diverse range of illnesses with differing levels of severity. But that's not to say that there aren't trends and commonalities. Quite to the contrary; more and more hospitals are... [Read More]

On-Site Staff Childcare: The Right Move for Your Hospital?

According to the Maryland Child Care Resource Network, more than 65% of workers have at least one young child. Whether a worker is a single parent or half of a dual income family, quality and reliable child care is a top priority among this majority of the population. However, it doesn't come... [Read More]

Keeping Your Healthcare Project on Budget

When designing a healthcare facility or renovation, there are tons of things to consider. Usually, the spotlight is put on the functionality of the facility, it's affect on patients, and so on. This can make it easy to underestimate how much your project will cost. While arguably not as interesting... [Read More]

What Does a "Flexible" Healthcare Facility Mean?

There can be confusion about what healthcare flexibility really means. And flexibility can mean different things to different people. For example, for an owner, flexibility is something that allows a system to offer new service lines and generate more revenue; for a nurse, it’s an adjustment in... [Read More]

Designs to Improve User Experience, Health, & Productivity in Healthcare

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