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Top Design Elements That Attract Modern Students

The competition for attracting college students is more competitive than ever before. To attract future generations, adaptive academic institutions are seeking to create environments that place students’ needs first. At CMBA, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many highly regarded... [Read More]

Ways Color Psychology Can Be Leveraged in Higher Education Design

Color is an amazing tool in higher education design that has the power to improve or impair learning outcomes. Many studies have shown that color has an impact on students’ attention spans and perception of time. [Read More]

Top 2022 Trends For Campus Design

Campuses and the overall educational experience look a bit different in 2022 than in previous years. Colleges and universities are dealing with the lasting effects of the global pandemic while attempting to maintain a sense of safety and community. Safety is very important these days, but the... [Read More]

The Emergence of Single-Dwellings in Student Housing

The COVID pandemic arrived just as digital environments were being tested and shifting many established norms. As an immediate response to the need for social distancing, universities implemented remote learning systems on a scale never seen before – but what long-term solutions have been... [Read More]

Designing a “Timeless” Higher Education Facility in the 21st Century

If you’re creating a project for your college campus, you should be aware of its importance. Thousands of students are attracted by the design itself. Sure, they will check the school’s authority and its educational programs, but the architecture and interior design will make a huge impact on their... [Read More]

2021 Year in Review

  [Read More]

Prioritizing Privacy in Higher Education Design

Higher education campuses are diverse places, offering a wide variety of services within a small area. Different services need different levels of privacy, and awareness of the nuances involved in these decisions is a big part of the architect’s responsibility. By gathering information from... [Read More]

Can Hospitality-Inspired Design Drive Students Back to Campus?

It's been over a year of remote learning and many students aren't ready for it to end. When health concerns subside, colleges that want their students to happily return will need to intentionally design in ways that make coming back more appealing than taking online classes. By taking some... [Read More]

Prioritizing Mental Health in Higher Ed Design

The mental well-being of college students has a powerful impact on their development and educational success. COVID-19 has only served to highlight these needs and the necessity of creating a healthy school environment from the ground up. [Read More]

Attracting Students with Campus Design

Increasing enrollment numbers is a high priority for most institutions. Colleges and universities are racing to stay unique and relevant in a highly competitive marketplace in order to attract new students and to retain current ones. As if this weren’t enough, institutions are faced with rising... [Read More]