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Human-Centered Architecture Leads to Better Schools

When applied to the K12 environment, human-centered design principles seek to optimize positive interactions between people and schools. How far-reaching are the impacts of this sort of design? [Read More]

Putting Students First in K12 Design

Take a moment to step back from your personal role in the K12 environment and put yourself in the position of the learner. How would you learn best? What learning activities are the most motivational to you? How do you interact with other learners? Finding the answers to these sorts of questions is... [Read More]

K12 School Design Sets Students up For Success

K12 design has remained anything but static over time. In fact, K12 design trends have been quietly shifting our perception of the education system as a whole. Instead of a cookie-cutter, government-budgeted approach, many districts are investing in more flexible learning spaces. It is becoming... [Read More]

Designing for Student Comfort in K12 Schools

[Read More]

2020 Year in Review

As I have thought about writing this year-end article, many things have run through my head about the year we all went through in 2020. Some of the things we saw last year, we hope to never see again – cross your fingers. [Read More]

Acoustic Considerations for K12 Schools

Communication is a predominant component of classroom learning. The ability to recognize spoken word is, unsurprisingly, critical for the cognitive process. But what does that have to do with the design of your school? Studies consistently reveal that student retention and performance rank higher... [Read More]

Impact of Shift to Virtual Learning on Future of K12 Design

COVID-19 is transforming many aspects of life, and education is no exception. Right now, the Coronavirus pandemic is causing unexpected global experimentation with K12 remote learning. As crisis-driven "experiments" begin launching, we should be collecting data and paying attention to the affect on... [Read More]

Designing for Safe, Clean, and Flexible Schools | CMBA Architects

So much uncertainty remains as schools begin planning for reopening to students and educators. This has us thinking about design strategies that will create a balance between facilitating a quality education and the safety of students and faculty. [Read More]

Architecture's Pivotal Role in the Future of K12

The world of education is changing more quickly than ever before. And it's important that we, as architects and designers, pay attention. The two key developments that are effectively changing the traditional design of K-12 schools are the evolution of educational approaches, and as you might... [Read More]

Designs that Improve the User Experience, Health, & Productivity in K12

You know that K12 schools exist to help students learn. And everything we can do to set students up for success helps. So what does it mean to design architecture for improved health and student productivity in a K12 facility? [Read More]