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Prioritizing Mental Health in K12 Design

The mental well-being of K12 students has a powerful impact on their development and educational success. COVID-19 has only served to highlight these needs and the necessity of creating a healthy learning environment from the ground up. [Read More]

Lumber Prices are Falling! Time to Start a New K12 Project?

The lumber bubble has finally popped – tanking over 40% in June alone! But we aren't out of the woods just yet... “It was a bubble, but it is still double where it was pre Covid,” said Peter Boockvar, CIO at Bleakley Advisory Group. Still, Boockvar believes just because the lumber bubble might have... [Read More]

Questions to Consider Asking an Architecture Firm

When planning your K12 project, selecting an architect is an important decision. Most people interview two or three architects before making a choice. We are all familiar with the basic questions to ask, such as references and portfolio examples, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! In... [Read More]

Extending the K12 Classroom

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Building Choice into the Classroom

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Inclusive Schools for Those with Disabilities

To considerately design for disabilities in the classroom can be a challenge. Yet, it is perhaps one of the most powerful ways architects can help society. Students with disabilities have just as much right to a quality educational experience as other students. When each and every student has a... [Read More]

Visual Communication: A Critical Element of Your Back-to-School Plan

As K12 schools plan for classes this fall — online, in classrooms, or a hybrid of both — those that opt for some form of in-person instruction will need to deliver it safely. In order to do that, schools will need to follow health guidelines and communicate information effectively and clearly... [Read More]

Keeping Your K12 Project on Budget

When designing a K12 facility or renovation, there are tons of things to consider. Usually, the spotlight is put on the functionality of the facility, it's affect on students, staff, and so on. This can make it easy to underestimate how much your project will cost. While arguably not as interesting... [Read More]

What Psychological Impacts Does K12 Design Have on Students?

The interior design of a school has a meaningful impact on everyone in the school. Whether or not it's a positive experience depends greatly on the quality of the decisions you make. Poorly thought-out K12 projects will negatively affect the lives of students and staff for a very long time. Since... [Read More]

Building Classrooms that Fit the Students

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