September 13, 2022

The Benefits of Personalizing Healthcare Spaces with Art

The Benefits of Personalizing Healthcare Spaces with Art

Posted by CMBA Architects on Sep 13, 2022 9:38:26 AM

Every healthcare space has a story. The ability to capture and display that story through design can lead to unforgettable experiences that make life easier for staff and patients alike. In an office, artistic experiences can stimulate better collaboration, relaxation and healing. Modern healthcare design trends are eagerly embracing art!

Artistic Direction Guided by The Outdoors

77% of employees who work remotely report greater productivity, and 37% claim that taking breaks throughout the day is how they do it. Why is this? People need spaces where they can relax, recharge, and come back to work with renewed focus and reduced anxiety. Linking this evidence with the benefits of art builds a compelling case for incorporating more nature-inspired artwork into healthcare design.

Spending time with a natural landscape can decrease stress and improve well-being in any space, and healthcare is no different. This is especially critical given that healthcare staff well-being is becoming increasingly discussed as an important priority. Forward-thinking organizations are combining efforts, incorporating both artwork and outdoor time into their staffs’ day-to-day.

Beginning With the Initial Design

The most powerful artistic expression results from collaboration early in the life of a healthcare project. These partnerships are most effective when everybody – staff, community, decision makers, architects, etc. – work together to realize a shared vision.

Artwork at Scale

An incoming trend is the use of “big” art. While original pieces like murals and sculptures are great for defining an open/outdoor space, these artworks can be even more influential if staff have a say in their creation.

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